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* Translation *

* Proofreading, correcting & formatting *

* Administrative Services *


Translation services are available from English to French,
as well as from French to English

Types of Documents

F    Business letters F    Websites F    Job postings
F    Product monographs F    Memos and press releases F    Minutes of meeting
F    Information leaflets F    Labels F    Presentations
F    Clinical trial results F    Medical articles F    Forms
F    User manuals F    Sales proposals/Quotes F    Service offers/agreements
F    Specific instructions F    SOPs F    Training material
F    Magazine articles F    News bulletins/Newsletters F    Promotional material…

Fields of Expertise

F    Pharmaceutical F    Medical/Clinical F    Telecommunications
F    Municipal administration F    Boxing F    General administration
F    Information systems F    Pre-press F    Printing
F    Tourism F    Finance F    Railway transportation…

All texts are proofread and formatted before being returned to customer.  Texts received by E-mail, in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher format, are translated in the same format as the original document.  Documents in PDF format or faxed documents are reproduced as faithfully as possible. Excluding the odd exception, translations are usually sent by E-mail, accompanied by their invoice.

Proofreading, correcting & formatting

Proofreading (grammar and spell check) of French and/or English texts is also offered, as well as formatting of documents.  Texts received by E-mail in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher format, can be revised directly.  Excluding the odd exception, revisions or correction feedback are usually sent by E-mail, accompanied by their invoice.

Other Administrative Services

Other administrative services are also available, such as drawing up documents (in French or English),  Internet research or other services, according to the customer’s needs.

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