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Born in Rosemont, her mother tongue is French, but little after her 8th birthday, she and her family move to San Francisco, California, where she gets to learn English.

Two years later, when the family returns to Quebec, she decides to pursue her schooling in English and obtains her High School Leaving Certificate (Sec V) from Laval Catholic High School.  She perfects her knowledge of French grammar, when she attends St. Anne’s Academy, a prestigious business college.

Ever since, every position she has occupied has called upon her translation abilities, both from French to English and from English to French, as well as her capacity to draw up and produce documents and/or revise texts.

After 5 years of employment, she leaves the job market for a few years to start a family.  For the next 5 years, her time is shared between working from home and taking care of her young family, which now includes two children, Eric and Nancy, respectively born en 1977 and 1979.

In 1984, she and her spouse, Pierre, start a business in the prepress sector, producing colour separations, final films and proofs -- the link between graphic artists and printers.  She is responsible for company management and sales and is also involved in production.  A victim of emerging technologies, the company has no choice but to cease its operations at the end of 1994.

Back on the job market, she is offered a position in the newly established Personnel Services Department of a rapidly expanding telecommunications firm.  Her primary tasks are to translate all documents issued by the department in order to ensure that all employee-related documents are available in both official languages, as well as handle all translation or proofreading requests from other departments within the enterprise.  Her position was abolished when the company was sold.

In 2000, she is mandated to set up and manage the administrative services department for a French pharmaceutical firm, setting up an affiliate company in Quebec, Canada.  After the firm merges with an American laboratory four years later, Quebec operations are transferred to Herndon, VA, U.S.A.  All Canadian positions were abolished.

Since 2004, she works as a freelance translator, also offering services such as proofreading, correcting and/or formatting documents, as well as other administrative services.

Business Experience

(Pharmaceutical/Finance & administration)

5 years (2000-2004)

(Telecommunications/Personnel Services)

3 years (1996-1998)


11 years (1984-1994)

(Railway Transportation/Merchandise Services)

5 years (1973-1977)

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